T-Class is about seeing things from a decorator’s perspective. We focus on providing products of the very best quality that deliver and perform across all aspects of the job.

Professional decorators are the most discerning consumers of painting sundries, so T-Class was created with performance and reliability in mind.

Designed for optimal performance on any job, the T-class range has been developed to the highest standards, with the finest materials using our most advanced technology and extensive product testing. T-Class performs to the standards we know a true
professional demands.


We have a brush making and manufacturing
heritage that goes back to 1928. We apply all of our knowledge into T-Class, from handles to rollers, to the complex combinations of brush filament.

Our brush filament is skillfully engineered, right from extrusion to our unique tipping process, and our rollers are thermobonded using our exclusive manufacturing processes.

We monitor each step of our production process – from design concept to final production – where each stage reflects high standards, trained craftsmanship, pride and respect for truly world class decorating products.


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