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  • Super


    Made in Britain from 100% natural bristle especially effective in oil based paints and stains make this the market leading all natural bristle brush More Information
  • Super CR

    Super CR

    Made in Britain from 100% DuPont Chinex filament designed with a stiffer construction make this especially effective with heavier bodied paints More Information
  • Delta


    A combination of synthetic and natural bristle designed for excellent paint pick up and controlled layoff. More Information
  • 5" Shed n Fence

    5" Shed n Fence

    Made from a synthetic blend, it is specially designed for the application of wood preservatives and stains on rough surfaces More Information
  • Decorator


    Made from synthetic and natural bristle blend makes it ideal for all paints and varnishes with a wooden handle for additional durability. More Information
  • Contractor


    Made from SRT filament, it is ideal for use with all paints and varnishes combined with the practicality of a Kaiser Style polypropylene handle. More Information

12 Item(s)

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